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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

When Scentsy came to NZ I booked a party straight away. I already knew about Scentsy from the blogs I used to read and already knew I was going to LOVE the products. I wasn't wrong. I love that Scentsy provides a safe alternative to candles, no flames, no fire risk. What I didn't know is that I would love all the other products too!
After hosting that first party and getting to know the products I joined Scentsy to get these wonderful products at a discount, and share them with the friends, family and colleagues who love them too.
I love the products, the company ethos, the friendship, and doing something just for me. I thought on it and when the time was right a few months later i joined up.
In the last 4 I have been blessed with fantastic customers and i have loved creating new connections and sharing the Scentsy love. I look forward to my future with Scentsy and I'm excited for the opportunities and friendships to come. 💜❤️💜